ABSORB. is an award-winning modern creative house based in Indianapolis, USA. ABSORB. was founded in 2012, and endeavors in the fields of creative direction, progressive digital filmmaking, design, and immersive live experience.

ABSORB. exists to create and release excellent original visual & musical work, and to assist other artists & companies in the identification and realization of their own communicative pursuits. At the core of our efforts is the simple philosophy to always pursue EXCELLENCE + AUTHENTICITY in all we do, and to foster those principles in those we work with. For more on our process and what we bring to the creative table, go HERE.

We have excelled at the highest levels of film, design, touring, and televised performance production, and operate using a highly communicative and industrious work ethic to ensure the best results possible while keeping budgets and schedules efficient. And, we remain accessible to those we work with, every step of the way. We'll help you create something wonderful.

OWEN THOMAS is principal creative director at ABSORB. Owen spent 10 years (2000-2010) as singer and songwriter for acclaimed American rock band The Elms. His creative instinct and commitment to artistic excellence has drawn widespread notice in the fields of music, film, and design. Since 2012, Owen has directed films and built numerous creative campaigns for dozens of exceptional major-label and independent artists. Owen has a penchant for bold and precise communication, and he loves to spend time with the camera in his own hands on film and photo shoots that he directs. When he's not creating, he likes to acquire Victorian era furniture, hang out with his nephews, drink coffee, talk psychology, and find new artists that blow his mind.

JARED SPARKMAN is production manager at ABSORB. Prior to and since his completion of film school, Jared has worked on many films as producer and cinematographer. Jared is an integral, highly resourceful part of all ABSORB.'s creative work, and provides experience-based perspective both on-set and throughout the entire pre-production, development, and delivery process. Jared likes going to live shows at interesting venues, watching great films, and getting intensely involved in excellent episodic television.

SAM KAUFMAN is lead designer at Absorb. Sam's taste and visual intuition are imperative components to our process. He is a graduate of Indiana University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History. Before joining ABSORB., Sam enjoyed the life of a freelance graphic designer developing album artwork, typography, logos, illustrations, merchandise, and web work for a wide array of independent and major label artists. When he isn’t obsessing about typography, images, and line weight, he enjoys spending time with his awesome wife and daughters, experimenting with long exposure night photography, consuming podcasts, wearing obscure band tees and standing somewhere near the middle back at punk rock shows.